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Search and find unique, local and trending “Things To Do” in your local city.


UBizzy Mobile App

  • UBizzy relies on Geo-Tags to provide location information about events and content.
    Users can tag particular locations with images and other information.
  • One mobile app that does many things (features of multiple apps all in one app)
  • Save time looking for things to do (one stop shop for social activities, sales events,
    coupons, driving directions and real time reviews of activities in progress).
  • Share upcoming social event details with others (event attendees RSVP link).
  • Share current activity reviews and experiences easily in Real Time
    (location photos, comments, product and activity reviews).
  • Mobile App that monitors multiple activities as they happen to decide what and where to go right now
  • An easy way to Multi-task your social activity schedule for the day

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