UBizzy Mobile App

UBizzy Mobile App

Launch Date Fall 2014


UBizzy Mobile App Available Soon

Search and find “things to do” on a local city level.

UBizzy relies on geotags to provide location information about events and content. This allows UBizzy users to tag particular locations with images and other information. These tags can be accessible by the UBizzy App which are mapped and searchable on a national scale. Some of the cities in listed categories are able to receive alerts when the user passes by the location in which the UBizzy events take place.

Some detailed location-aware settings function more like radar to keep track of which events are currently happening. UBizzy takes advantage of the growing interest in location-based services by keeping track of all the events posted by other users and SearchTagz Directory businesses. Many of these sites also allow you to check if there’s someone you know that posted an attendance RSVP for a particular venue or location.



Definition: Are you busy? Do you have enough business? Are you getting sales? Is your business doing well? Are you busy with work? How’s biz?

Usage: UBizzy? How’s Biz?