Redline Power Boost

Give Your UBizzy Event A Redline Power Boost

Promote your business event with some extra horsepower on



Do you throw great parties, meetings or events? Want to be successful doing it? Then you’re ready to use UBizzy as an event coordinator. UBizzy Event coordinators also known as UBizzy event specialists, are in charge of every facet of entertaining and events. This isn’t just some wine and cheese affair with your buddies. UBizzy Event coordinators plan everything from weddings to large expos, trade shows and concerts.

UBizzy Event coordinators control an event from conception to actual launch. They meet with clients to work out event details, plan with the client and their team research locations. UBizzy Event coordinators make sure you get the word out and the hired band stays hot. They generally make sure the event is a success and drive foot traffic on that special day.

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